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Thank you and best wishes to everyone who has purchased horses from us...may all your rides and memories be happy ones!

2006 AQHA Dun Mare

Lil Sugar Brook
1999 AQHA Red Roan Mare
Thank you Shelley

Give Me Sugar Cowboy
2004 AQHA Dunalino Mare
Thank you and best wishes to Tracie in Utah on the purchase of Sugar.
We are so glad you love her as much as we do.

2001 Registered 1/2 Welsh Perlino Mare
Thank you Linda, hope your grandkids have tons of fun!

AQHA Draft Cross Dunskin Mare

Thank you Jennifer for selling me the best horse I have ever had the pleasure of owning! Koda will be fully certified for mounted sheriff patrol very soon and she is going to be a gem.
Dan Lynch

Starlite At Dawn
2002 AQHA Perlino Mare
Bred and born here.
Proudly owned and love by Megan Hampton.

My first horse buying experience was buying my 2002 perlino filly from Jennifer Dunham. She made it an awesome experience for me. She raises great horses that have awesome dispositions. She handles her babies as soon as they are born and that I am grateful for, I think it makes a big impact on setting a good solid foundation. I have had Starlite for almost 10 years now and wouldn't trade her for the world, I can do anything with this mare. I would defiantly recommend buying a foal or horse from Jennifer Dunham of the Dunham Ranch.

Gracie (All Dun Dreamin) & Summer

Thank you Karen!

Shine My Bell
2006 AQHA Gray Mare

Jennifer & Jeff,
I wanted to let you know that Pride is doing very well in her new home. She was a little apprehensive at first - I don't know if she had ever seen an arena full of jumping horses before - she had to watch for a while. She settled in very quickly with no loss of appetite. She is in full training with Cindy Forrest, and getting out every day. She is getting along with her neighbors, after the usual pecking order squabbles. She is now between two geldings, and has asserted herself as their boss.
She is very popular in the barn. There are a good number of quarter horse people here, all very impressed with her build and breeding. She is very outgoing with people and has made friends with most of the regulars in our barn.
I will write and update you further as we progress in our training and relationships. Thank you for selling her to me - I think we will do well together.

Robert Montgomery

Treasure Me
2001 Red Dun Quarter Pony Mare

Ashley Kerridwen Liliwyn
2001 1/2 Welsh/Quarter Pony Mare
Sold~ but never out of our hearts!
Thanks Iona & Ellie for loving her as much as we have.

Glendonwyn Joyous
2006 Section A Buckskin/Roan Welsh Mare
Thank You Terry from Chantilly Lace Welsh Ponies.

Trigger & Kelsey
The best of friends.
We look forward to watching them grow together

The Promise Silver Dollar
Thank you Kim & Kris on the purchase of this special pony!
Congratulations on the start of Silver Dreams Pony Farm, we are pleased to know our Ponies have been a part of the inspiration for your new venture and dream!

We bought 4 wonderful ponies from Dunham Ranch as a foundation to start our dream of breeding our own ponies for kids. The transaction was very pleasant and straightforward. Jennifer Dunham continued on with us as our mentor and, when our dream failed due to the economy, she was kind enough to take many of the ponies back and find good new homes for them. We appreciate her honesty and her love for her ponies and horses and are proud to count her among our friends. You couldn't do better than to do business with Jenn.
Kristin C.S. Munson

JD Stylish Blue Glo
2009 Grulla AQHA filly
A million thanks to Denise & Hope on their purchase of our best Blue & Six filly ever!
We know she is forever in the best hands.

Bueno Blue Badger
SOLD - Now standing at the Lewis Ranch in Woodlake, CA

SOLD - Thank you Kristen on the purchase of Chassis

Dear Jenn,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy such a wonderful horse. Mini has grown up to be very sweet and loves attention, no doubt from the many hours you spent with her as a baby. I think the early handling and training that you did with her helped make her into the wonderful horse that she is today. Now she is broke to ride, and is an absolute dream to ride and I couldn't ask for anything better. She is smooth, learns very quickly and is not afraid of anything. I look forward to many years of riding and fun with this very special horse.


Hollywoods Ms Minnie - SOLD TO FRANCE!
We are thrilled to know a mare we raised & one of Blue's kids will be overseas. Thank you, Pascale!

SOLD - Thank you, Laurie on the purchase of Envy...she is one of a kind, we know you will cherish her!

Hollywood Shimmer
SOLD - Thank you, Rick!

JD Poco Black Smok
SOLD - Thank you Jamie, on the purchase of JD Poco Black Smok (a.k.a. "Tux")

Ransoms Holly Socks
SOLD - Thank you Beth, on the purchase of Ransoms Holly Socks. We know you will give her a wonderful home!

Bindi and Seven
SOLD - Thank you, Liz, on the purchase of JD Bueno Blue Bindi-2007 Black Filly and
JD Poco Bueno Glo-2007 Grulla filly. We know they will have a wonderful future with you!

Five Star Champagne
SOLD - 2001 Quarter Pony

Dear Jenn,
We absolutely love Star! She is the perfect match for my daughter. She has always been sound and perfectly healthy. She continues to be honest and trustworthy. I know that any horse or pony from Dunham Ranch is a gem and completely trust your ability to choose and train incredible horses.
Best regards,

Shelly Wooldridge

Zona Rosa Pine
SOLD - Thank you so much, Laurie on your purchase of Zona. We are so excited about the life long home she will have with you!

JD Pistolpakinbadger
SOLD - Thank you, Carmen on the purchase of Pistol.
Carmen loved Dazzle so much she wanted Pistol too!

JD Dazzle Me Blue
SOLD - Thank you & best wishes to Carmen on the purchase of JD Dazzle Me Blue

Hollywood Hankypanky
SOLD - Thank you so much to Lisa & Kelly on your purchase of Hollywood Hankypanky, he is a lucky boy. Happy Trails

Check him out now! All grown up!

JD Shota Blue Tequila
SOLD - Grulla Filly

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